Riverton, UT Pest Control

Effective Pest Management Services In Riverton, UT

The small city of Riverton is packed with local businesses, top-rated schools, and local parks, and given its equidistant proximity from both Salt Lake City and Provo, it offers residents the best of everything. If it's a community that you crave, this is the city for you. With a considerable amount of warmth, with a brief reprieve during the winter, Riverton is the perfect landscape for enjoying outdoor activities. This type of climate, however, is also appealing to pests of all shapes and sizes. Luckily, you don’t have to live with pests. 

Since 1994, Pestmaster® Services has been providing solutions to all of your pest control problems. We provide the highest quality eco-friendly treatments that we guarantee. And with our team of highly trained technicians, there’s no pest we can’t banish. Contact us today to get started with pest control you can trust. 

Home Pest Control In Riverton, UT

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At Pestmaster® Services, we believe that no homeowner should have to endure the problems that come along with having a pest infestation. That’s why when you contact our team of expertly-trained technicians, we provide you with eco-friendly solutions to your pest problems that are gentle on you and the environment. Once we’ve thoroughly inspected your property, we will offer an official diagnosis and work together to develop and implement a course of treatment that suits all of your needs. And because we’re dedicated to your health and safety, we guarantee all of our services and won’t rest until pests are just a distant memory. Contact us today for more information about keeping your home pest-free. 

Commercial Pest Control In Riverton, UT

When pests happen to your business, the damage they cause can range from your staff’s health to significant structural vulnerabilities. This doesn’t have to be the case. For more than 25 years, Pestmaster® Services has been providing Salt Lake City area businesses with the highest quality eco-friendly pest control solutions that actually yield results, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice safety to solve your problems. 

When your business chooses to work with our team of expert technicians, we promise to inspect your property thoroughly, work with you to develop a course of treatment that fits your needs, and follow-up regularly to ensure that treated pests don’t return and new pests don’t develop. Contact us today to keep your business pest-free. 

Riverton Property Owner's Complete Guide To Effective Termite Control

With termites posing a significant financial threat to American homeowners, it’s no wonder they’re the most costly pest out there. The average infested homeowner spends over $3,000 rectifying the damage that termites have caused, which makes prevention the best strategy for termite control. Here are a few key ways you can keep termites from your Riverton property:

  • Replace weakened wood. Termites are attracted to wood that has been weakened by water damage or fungus. Replace or remove any areas of vulnerable wood to prevent termites from growing attracted.

  • Seal up your home. Because termites sneak through the smallest of openings, ensuring that cracks and crevices are sealed up with caulk and that weather stripping is used around doors and windows where necessary is imperative.

  • Look out for the signs. Termite damage sometimes looks like bubbling wallpaper and paint, and sometimes it looks like mud tubes and mazes in wood. While these signs all point to active termite damage, it’s important to deal with them because colonies will not go away on their own.

  • Call the pros. The safest, most effective way to protect your property is with professional assistance from the team at Pestmaster® Services.

Contact us today for more information about keeping your property termite-free.

Bird Control Strategies That Do Not Work In Riverton, UT

Birds of any kind can become a nuisance that makes spending time around your property difficult, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner. If it’s a woodpecker that you’re encountering, they can drill holes into structures like office buildings, homes, or sheds, while also causing a sound that most people find unbearable. If it’s pigeons that you’re dealing with, their droppings can be messy, unsightly, and dangerous.

Some DIY techniques that exist include ultrasonic noisemakers, bird net guns, reflective scare tape, liquid repellents, and decoys. And while these treatments are readily available, they are rarely proven thorough enough to get rid of the entire problem. For the safest, most effective form of bird control, contact the professionals at Pestmaster® Services today, and start living pest-free.