Herriman, UT Pest Control

Effective Pest Management Services In Herriman, UT

Herriman, UT, is filled with community pride, and maintaining a high quality of life is our city’s top priority. However, when pests enter the picture, that quality of life is seriously threatened. Pest infestation is an ongoing threat for Herriman property owners, and if you want to effectively protect yourself from the dangers of infestation, it’s a good idea to rely on your local pest professionals. That’s where Pestmaster® Services comes in. 
We are a locally operated company with a passion for pest control with “environmentally.” For over 26 years, we’ve been dealing with pest infestation throughout Salt Lake County and the surrounding areas. Our team uses the latest cutting-edge technologies and eco-friendly options to treat pest and weed infestation in an environmentally sensitive manner. Call us today for a free consultation.

Home Pest Control In Herriman, UT

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Our residential pest control services offer complete coverage from household infestation. We provide a long list of services, including general pest control, aquatic weed and algae control, decontamination, health-related vector control, landscape pests, risk reduction and mitigation, vegetation management, and many others. 
With an expert entomologist on staff, we’re able to figure out the perfect solutions for your household pest problems. Our experts develop an appropriate treatment strategy to effectively eliminate your infestation from the inside out. We use certified, environmentally friendly pest control products, and trusted IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies, to bring you year-round pest protection you can count on. After treatment is finished, we return for monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly treatments to make sure things stay pest-free moving forward. Contact us to get started.

Commercial Pest Control In Herriman, UT

If pests get into your Herriman business, your entire operation is put at risk. Not only are your employees and customers put in harm’s way, but think about the repercussions infestation can have on your reputation. There’s no faster way to take down a business’s good name than when people hear about pest infestation in your facility. That’s why we’re here to protect you.
Our commercial pest control solutions service a long list of properties, including schools, restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, food processing, and property management. We are a certified small business that is proud to offer sustainable, eco-friendly pest management services that our valued customers can rely on. We are proud to be members of:

  • NPMA (National Pest Management Association)

  • Professional Service Council

  • GSA approved pest control provider U.S. General Services Administration

From the initial inspection, to our customized treatment plan, we work hard to bring your business the best pest protection around. After we’re done treating the facility, our team comes back for maintenance visits on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis. Contact us today for your free estimate and inspection.

The Importance Of Professional Rodent Control In Herriman, UT

Rodent infestation poses a serious threat to your property, and everyone inside of it. These sneaky pests reproduce very quickly, meaning you could be facing a full-blown infestation in just a matter of days. The best way to deal with rodent infestation is to get professional rodent control services.
Only the professionals can provide you with the extensive coverage you’re looking for. Rodents can cause serious property damage, widespread contamination, and they even put your property at risk of catching fire by gnawing on electrical wiring. These consequences are serious, which is why you should take your rodent control needs seriously as well. 
To effectively protect your property from the dangers of rodent infestation, we recommend professional rodent control and prevention services. Pestmaster® Services is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your rodent control needs, and we’ll set up your initial inspection right away.

Four Backyard Mosquito Control Techniques For Herriman Property Owners

Mosquitoes are parasitic pests that are notorious for leaving us with itchy bites that scratch into the night. However, itching isn’t the only problem. Mosquitoes expose us to a long list of vector-borne illnesses like Zika and West Nile virus. They can transmit these illnesses into the bloodstream of their host. Here are four backyard mosquito control techniques to implement around your Herriman property:

1. Wear insect repellent, and permethrin or DEET-treated clothing. 

2. Plant natural mosquito repellent plants like citronella, marigold, basil, and rosemary.

3. Install window and door screens, or if you already have them, make sure there are no holes or tears in them. 

4. Eliminate all sources of standing water, as this is where mosquitoes lay their eggs.

Guarding your property from the dangerous consequences of mosquitoes isn’t easy, and that’s why professional pest protection is the way to go. Pestmaster® Services is here to address all your mosquito control and prevention needs. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll get the ball rolling. We look forward to bringing you the year-round protection you deserve.