Cottonwood Heights, UT Pest Control

Effective Pest Management Services In Cottonwood Heights, UT

Located at the foothills of Mt. Olympus, the city of Cottonwood Heights is the perfect fit for adventure seekers and those who value having a place to call their own. With the addition of its close proximity to Salt Lake City and the diverse collection of local businesses that the city itself has, it’s no wonder why so many young working professionals and families call Cottonwood Heights home. The access to nature is made all the more accessible with the fair conditions that grace the area each season. With only a touch of rain and temperatures that are never too warm or too cold, activities like skiing, hiking, and golfing are always within reach. However, this also means that there is a steady flow of pests that seek to gain entry to your property.

Since 1994, Pestmaster® Services has been keeping the homes and businesses of the greater Salt Lake City area pest-free with the highest quality solutions around. Every service that we give is based in science and safe for you and the environment. But we don’t stop there. At Pestmaster® Services, we’re committed to creating sustainable solutions for our customers, which means utilizing Integrated Pest Management. This method is designed to get to the bottom of why your pest problems are occurring, rather than simply masking them. But we don’t stop there; our team is QualityPro Certified, we offer a pest-free guarantee, and emergency services are always available. Contact us today for more information on how we can help keep pests away from your property. 

Home Pest Control In Cottonwood Heights, UT

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Your Cottonwood Heights home is your safe place, so don’t let pests take over. At Pestmaster® Services, we’re the team that can make that a reality. We work with homeowners both proactively and in times of pest crisis to ensure the safety of their homes. Our team of highly trained, licensed technicians uses only the highest quality eco-friendly treatments, which means that you will never have to sacrifice to get the results you desire. In addition to our commitment to your protection and the environment, our team utilizes Integrated Pest Management, a specific system that is focused on long-term prevention. This way we will only treat what we need to and cause no harm in the process. With a service guarantee, same-day emergency services, and our dedication to staying up-to-date, Pestmaster® Services is the clear choice for your pest control needs. Contact us today for more information on how we can keep your home pest-free. 

Commercial Pest Control In Cottonwood Heights, UT

When you run a business, you can’t take chances on pest problems. That’s where Pestmaster® Services comes in. From start to finish, we work with business owners to understand their needs and create customized solutions that are built to meet even the strictest of industry standards. Our team is licensed, friendly, and professional, as well as backed by board-certified entomologists, which means that there’s no problem we can’t solve. 

And then there’s our use of only the highest quality, eco-friendly products, and our Integrated Pest Management methods. By using IPM, we’re able to take preventive measures for your business and understand your property in its entirety. At Pestmaster® Services, we’re also GreenPro certified, AIB certified, and ranked the #1 pest control provider to the federal government. What does this mean for your business? It means that you’ll have the most qualified team on your side. Contact us today for more information on our guaranteed services, and keep your business free from pests. 

Why Bird Control Is Vital To Cottonwood Heights Businesses

Birds may seem like one of Mother Nature’s loveliest creatures, but not when they’re loitering around your Cottonwood Heights business. Not only can birds like pigeons and woodpeckers cause structural damage to your property like stains and corrosion, but they can also spread dangerous pathogens as well as other pests like ticks, fleas, mites, and bed bugs. If birds make their way inside, say, a food processing plant, their presence, along with their nests, can contaminate the food being produced. Additionally, birds are a nuisance that may keep potential customers away from your place of business because they tend to congregate en masse. For more information on how you can keep your business protected from birds, contact Pestmaster® Services today. 

Does My Cottonwood Heights Home Need Termite Protection?

Your Cottonwood Heights home absolutely needs professional termite protection. Each year, termites cost American homeowners an average of five billion dollars in damages, with the typical household spending around $3,000 to rectify the damages. These problems get so out of hand for three key reasons:

  1. Homeowners aren’t aware of how they can prevent termites from taking over.

  2. They don’t know the signs to look for.

  3. Because of the furtive nature of termites, their work often goes unnoticed for long periods of time.

That’s why the best way to protect your Cottonwood Heights home from termites is with professional monitoring from the team at Pestmaster® Services. Contact us today for more information.