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Protecting Salt Lake City Businesses From Pests

When pests invade, they threaten your business in many ways. Pests such as rodents often cause damage both to your building and to the goods and inventory inside. They can spread dangerous diseases to your employees and customers. Pests also damage your reputation and cost you money in repairs and lost revenue. Keeping pests out of your facility is essential to keeping your business running successfully. Pestmaster® Services of Salt Lake City can help with our commercial pest control. Call us today to schedule your inspection.

Our Commercial Pest Control Process

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Just as a doctor wouldn’t prescribe medicine to you before determining a diagnosis, neither will we perform pest control before knowing what pest pressures your business is facing. We’ll meet with you to go over the problems you’ve been experiencing and your main areas of concern. We’ll also inspect your property to see if any other pests are present.

After inspecting your property, we’ll talk with you about our findings. We’ll also discuss the conditions that may be contributing to your pest problems in order to help you fix and avoid them in the future.


Based on the findings of our inspection, we’ll customize a treatment plan for your business. We’ll discuss all of our methods and treatments with you so that you know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Transparency and education are important to us, which is why we communicate with you throughout the pest control process.


In order to eliminate active infestations and keep your business pest-free in the future, our commercial pest control includes regular service visits. The frequency of these visits varies depending on your type of business, the severity of your pest problems, and other factors. Some companies require daily or weekly visits, but most are on monthly plans.

Facilities We Service

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Your students need a safe and healthy environment in order to be most successful in their studies. Pests threaten both. Keep pests out with Pestmaster® Services.

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In the hospitality business, first impressions matter. If your guests see pests when they enter your establishment, they won’t be back. Pestmaster® Services can help.

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When pests invade, you need to take fast action. As a GSA-approved pest control provider, (one of only 11) Pestmaster® Services is pre-approved to treat your government facility, saving you precious time.

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Property Management

Whether you take care of office buildings or apartment complexes, you know that the key to success is satisfied tenants. Keep them happy with pest-free facilities courtesy of Pestmaster® Services.

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If pests get into your restaurant, you can unwittingly make your customers ill through contaminated food. Protect them and your business’s reputation with help from Pestmaster® Services.

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Food Processing

The sanitary conditions of your food processing plant are of utmost importance to your success, and a pest infestation will destroy that. Protect it by partnering with Pestmaster® Services.

Why Choose Pestmaster® Services?

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When your business is on the line, you need to know that you’re hiring the right company to solve your pest problems. With Pestmaster® Services, you don’t have to worry.

  • We have over 26 years of experience in the pest control industry.

  • We are pre-approved to treat government facilities.

  • We are AIB certified.

  • We have Associate Certified Entomologists available for support.

  • We are the #1 small pest business provider for the federal government.

  • We customize our treatments to your specific pest problems.

  • We walk with you through every step of the process.

  • We offer emergency services.

  • We offer a pest-free guarantee.

  • We are ranked a Top 100 Pest Control Company by PCT Magazine.

  • We use all-natural products that are eco-friendly and highly effective.

  • We stay up-to-date on the latest advances in the pest control industry.

  • We do background checks, drug screenings, and driving record checks on all of our employees.

  • We have additional licensing to provide a range of services. 

  • We take an environmentally conscious approach to pest management. 

  • We offer the most effective solutions and combat a wide range of pests. 

Why Professional Pest Protection Is Essential For Salt Lake City Businesses

When pests invade commercial spaces, nothing but problems follow. Between contaminating inventory, destroying property, and putting employees at risk, pests are a problem no business owner can afford to have - at least not for long. The only thing pests will damage more than your physical property is your reputation, scaring customers away in no time.

There are countless invasive species calling Salt Lake City home, active at all times of year. In order to protect your business from the various pest threats in the area looking to get inside, you need the help of a knowledgeable pest control provider with years of experience protecting Salt Lake City businesses and commercial properties. You need Pestmaster® Services.

Trust Pestmaster® Services For Complete Pest Protection In Salt Lake City

At Pestmaster® Services, our team has decades of experience protecting businesses from numerous industries, helping them find customized solutions to their pest problems that address the disease, not just the symptoms. Our comprehensive approach to pest control is why we’re the most trusted name in the area to protect businesses of every shape and size. 

Don’t leave your Salt Lake City business at risk: contact Pestmaster® Services today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are recurring services necessary?

If your goal is to both rid your business of active pests and keep pests out in the future, then recurring services are very important. While our treatments are extremely effective at eliminating and preventing pests, they begin to break down over time. By providing on-going services to your business regularly, we maintain its protection and keep it pest-free.

What industries do you service?

We provide our pest control services to a wide range of industries. These include: Nursing Homes, Hospitals, And Other Healthcare Providers, Schools, Homeowners Associations, Condos And Apartment Buildings, Warehouses, Churches, Camps And Cabins, Office Buildings, Storage Facilities. If you don't see your industry listed above, please contact us to see if we can help!

How does your scheduling work?

We understand that treating pest problems in a business setting can be difficult. You need discretion and the least disruptive service possible. That's why we will work with you to develop a service schedule that works for your business's particular needs.

Do your treatment methods comply with our industry standards?

Every industry operates under certain guidelines, standards, and laws. When we develop your pest control program, we'll address those standards to ensure we are complying with your industry's protocols.